This page answers the most common Frequently Asked Questions we receive to help you understand what we do and our services and what you should expect from this website.


What is Jobs KIDIGITALI?


Jobs Kidigitali is one of the most reliable platforms for people who are looking for jobs in Tanzania. We help employers advertise their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively.

Can I advertise with Jobs KIDIGITALI?

Yes, you can. As an employer, to advertise your job vacancies on, click on ‘Post a job‘ and choose from the options available. To advertise your brand on our website, send a mail to for a free consultation on our advertising rates.


What does it require to publish an advert on Jobs KIDIGITALI website?

To publish an advert on Jobs KIDIGITALI website, you can simply select the publishing plan (Either Free or Paid plan) and submit your advert on POST ADVERT. You will be contacted by our team and the validation of your advert will follow.


I have applied for a job and the employer is asking me to pay money for interviews, tests, or certification. What can I do?

Please bear in mind that you should never be requested to pay to get interviews, or to pass extra certifications. If an employer requests any kind of payment, please report this to us via our contact form

I applied for a job and received no feedback. What can I do?

Unfortunately, Jobs KIDIGITALI does not have any influence on employers’ choices during the recruitment process. However, if you apply several times and receive a few reactions from employers, we advise you to try our CV writing service so we can help you improve your CV and cover letter or other related tips.

How do I apply for a job?

Click on the job title and follow the directions for applying in the selected listing. If you have questions about an application you have submitted, you should contact the employer directly.

Do I need a Computer before I can visit Jobs KIDIGITALI?

No. You can also access on your mobile phone.

If I get a job through the website, will Jobs KIDIGITALI collect part of my salary?

No, No, and No. Jobs KIDIGITALI does not get a cut out of your salary nor do we demand for such.